Gulf glass industries offers a wide variety of processing options with a comprehensive range of glass processing equipment, including the latest technological Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines procured only from the leading and experienced glass machine manufacturers. 

The cut edge quality of the glass is the single most important factor affecting the edge strength of glass. A poor edge cut by utilizing poor cutting techniques can reduce the edge strength of glass by nearly 50% or even more. At GGI we understand the importance and the impact of CUTTING it RIGHT.

The cutting machines are capable of automatically analyzing data received digitally from workstation and accurately scoring the glass. The edge deletion feature is a part of all cutting machines.

The pre-processing is another critical process including but not limited to arising, grinding, polishing, drilling; notching and cut-out. Our pre-processing machine range are unmatched in quality and performance. 


Specification & Technical Documents

Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine withDe-Coating

Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine forFloat Glass & Laminated Glass

Specification & Technical Documents





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